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This page has toys of different shapes and sizes.

Jack o Lanterns
These magic pumpkins hide their true nature by day... only in the dark hours do they show their creepy faces.
Part of our 2nd Halloween pack.

Corpse Candles
Enchanted skulls hold the spirits of the dead, at night you can even hear them trying to escape.
Part of our 2nd Halloween pack.

Ice Crystal
Ever have the urge to cool things down? If so, boy do I have a deal for you! This baby is guaranteed to never melt while providing your creatures with a icy fresh environment. Forget central air! Get an Ice Crystal! All for the low low price of a mammoth carcass. Don't forget to ask about our monthly payment plan...
Sprites by Trollop

Amber Stump
This stump-like toy doubles as a very very slow automatic vendor of amber. Amber is high in protein but don't try to live off this alone as it takes forever to get!
It is a fun toy that only creatures can push, also makes a lovely addtion to whatever room it's in. ^_~
Sprites by Trollop

Shrunken Head Ball
Someone has shrunken the head of a creature and just left it lying around... well... other creatures find this thing quite fun to play with.
Sprites by Trollop

Cat Toys
These are the toys from the Cat pack, from left to right there is the Mecha Mousie, Sun cozy, and Scratching post.
The zip contains all the files for the cat pack. Keep which ones you want.

Part of my Halloween pack this agent will cause your ship to be haunted! Ghosts will fly around and scare your creatures! My Halloween pack is all in one agent so if you download one you've got them all.
Images by Trollop. And a thanks goes to Mkid to help make it transparent.

This dolly comes in three colors (all three are shown in the picture) and is fun to play with.

Sprites by MNB
Do not post this on your website!

Musical Flute
This flute plays music and vends yummy floating music notes!

Sprites by MNB
Do not post this on your website!

Leafy is a fun toy that wiggles if you drop him.

Sprites by MNB
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Baby Toys
This is a pack of four toys suited for your baby creatures... but adults like them just as much!

Sprites by MNB
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Elvis Doll
Elvis is here! and he quotes people from the game Perfect Dark! Now you can have this cute little guy in your ship.
Image done by Trollop

Egg Toy
Part of Yurtra's Grendel pack. This toy makes the creature holding it think they have a real egg. Appears in the jungle or the lower part of the meso depending on which game it's injected to.

This is Squeak, he's a snail. He is a toy for your norns. He's you average toy but he's so cute! and makes such an annoying squeak, although not as annoying as Spooky!
Squeak is based off of a real snail-shaped dog toy that I have. ^_^ He's such a snuggly little squeaky cute snail!

Exploding Bug Balls
You can play with them but if they get hit they explode!

AntiSpooky He is a lot like Spooky but he injects your norns with healing chemicals instead of toxins. I couldn't think of a better name though. ~_~'

DEATH of Rats
The DEATH of rats doll will scare your creatures! ^_^ SQUEAK!
Images and idea by Trollop.

It's a Frimlin the Elf doll! ^_^ He helps keep you creatures happy. Images and idea by Trollop. This has been updated to have some animation and sound! ^_^ If you had the earlier version please unzip the sprite into your images folder... or go delete the old one.

My what a strange looking ball...
Image by Trollop

Creature Dolls
Ub1111 asked me to make these 12 dolls. They all lower boredom but have special things that only they do. Each is a separate agent file so you can pick and choose which to use.