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Welcome, here you will find the agents coded by TwilightCat. Just click a link on the side to navigate.
October 30, 2003

Tomorrow is Halloween and I'll be very busy then so I'm going to release this today.
TwilightCat and Bug's Halloween pack 2! Included in this oh so scary pack are two toys and a potted plant. There are also lots of Quirky cookie recipes that go with this pack so if you have the Treehugger norn pack there's something else for you to experiment with.
This pack is very scary, so breeders beware. ;)
Oh! and I found out how to compress the agents when I'm compiling them. lol took me long enough. This means that I'll be going through and recompiling several agents (including ones on the Bug's Lair site) to make them smaller. I'll post a list of which agents those are when I get it done (might do all of them if I feel like it).
October 16, 2003

Added the toxic agent section and moved all toxic agents there for easier finding.
One new agent, the toxic replacements. This agent will allow you to replace the carrot pod, lemon pod, empathic vendor, and tubas with toxic versions. They look the same but have small ammounts of toxins. Now your toxic norns need not fear the mighty lemons!
More agents coming soon. I have a lot I'm working on and school is taking a lot of time. I have a small Halloween pack (expect that soon) and some other things.
Also added my egg sets and their page and changed all e-mail links I could find to have (AT) instead of @ people have been getting spam mail from these. So remember if you use an e-mail link to change the (AT) to @
August 29, 2003

Added the torture agent section, only one agent there but there will be more to come. Found a small error in the butterflies that caused their population monitor to die. Fixed it. Also fixed an error in the eat script of the bumba plant.
New agents are: Demon Die, Matu Cactus, Ice Crystal, Snail Torch, Hardman pack plants (only works if you have the hardman pack), and Batty Koda.
July 11, 2003

New plants in the Flora and Fauna section. They are potted plants that have blooming flowers and drop foodstuffs for your creatures.
Also in the vendor section, a stinking stump vendor for those of you who breed toxic norns.
Toxic breeders unite! Now you can have those stumps anywhere you want!