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This page has agents like gadgets and other stuff.

Toxic Replacements
Slight edits to a few cos files will help any toxic breeder! All you do is remove these agents and then inject them to make the carrots, tubas, empathic vendors, and the lemons toxic.
This is a DS only agent.
Original code and all sprites by CL
Stinking Stump Vendor
Now you can place these wherever you want. They vend a little to the right of the vendor. Removing the vendor will not remove the stumps, you can do that with the stinking stump agent from the toxic norn pack.
Works in both C3 and DS.
You need to have the toxic norn pack so that you'll have the images of the stinking stumps, they are NOT compiled in this agent.
The vendor image was made by Mkid, he gave it to me long ago and it was lying around on my hard-drive so I finally put it to use.
Litter Box
Another food source for toxic norns and creatures like them.
The zip contains all the files for the cat pack. Keep which ones you want.
Radioactive Waste Barrel
A vendor for your toxic norns. Radioactive Waste has heavy metals, glycotoxin, and cyanide in it. The images were ones I made for Bulbaboy and this project we were apart of... but he disappeared and so did the project. I found the images the other day and decided to make this agent.
The Atomic Teapot
vends some rather toxic tea... it's good for your Toxic norns! ^_^

What's the cold and flu season like without these guys. These toys are toxic and only used if you have creatures that can withstand large amounts of toxins.
Sprites by Trollop

This is a toy for your Toxic norns (well you could use him to torture your other norns). When pushed he'll inject the offending norn with a shot of an antigen or a histamine and will give a "worse" shot (ATP decoupler or Gylcotoxin or others) when they kick or  lick (eat) him.
Updated May 7 2002: fixed a small problem, if you own an old version just remove him from the world and inject this one.
Spooky is based off of my Spooky squeak toy. Spooky is from the "I feel sick" comic that's made by the guy (Jhonen Vasquez) who also made the Invader Zim cartoon.
Yay ZIM!

Bubonic Bugle
This odd looking gadget releases bacteria into the world with every push, also has connective ports.
This was created for Toxic creatures like the Plague Ettins (which you can get at this yahoo group
Images and idea by Snapdragon

Mushy Fruit Tree
Oh yuck! This tree looks dead! Well it's good for toxic norns (fruit contains a small amount of glycotoxin). Part of Yurtra's Grendel pack. Sprites drawn by a friend of Yurtra's.

The Dead Twins: Corpse
Corpse is a disease ridden creature while Zombor is clean from toxins. Both are in the Halloween pack and you get other agents too when you download it. You might want to use Corpse in your toxic worlds only.
Images by Trollop

Holly is often used around the winter holidays, but a lot of people do not know that it is toxic! Be careful not to let creatures eat the berries unless they can handle large amounts of toxins. Injects holly seeds around the ship.
Sprites by Trollop