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This page has agents like gadgets and other stuff.

Snail Torch
A gadget that warms and brightens any room! Made with an authentic magical snail shell.
Images by Bug

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Creature Pod
(Note the picture is smaller to fit on the page better)
This will trap any stray creature that wonders into its path and if a creature stay in it for too long... something bad happens.
Images and idea by Nicolas.

Piranha Canning Machine
(Note the picture is not actual size, I shrunk it down for the webpage. And this agent will only appear in the C3 agent creator screen... as it needs the piranhas from C3 to function.)
Images by Lukey, inspired by Mr.LittleGuy and GrendelGirl88. Stick a piranha in it and out pops a can! Now your creatures can eat canned piranha meat!

Grendel Simmer Pot
This Simmer pot releases grendel home scent. Although it can be injected into C3 this is meant for DS as C3 already has stuff the emits grendel scent.