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This page has agents that were created by other people and I am hosting or were C3 agents that I have updated to work with DS.

Monika Pack 1
I've updated some of Monika's agents. They are in two packs. The first one has the Ammonite toy, Ammonite vendor, C2 Easter egg vendor, Exploding Popcorn, and Candied Apples.
Monika Pack 2
This is pack number 2 of Monika's agents. This one has a Player Piano, Seed jar, Easter Flowers, Chocolate bats, and Assorted Vegetables.
I had her permission to convert these to work in DS. Some do not inject where I want them to (right now all go to the creator room) so I will continue to work on them. They all can be injected into C3 and DS.

Rhino Beetle Vendor
Created by Mr. LittleGuy (I was going to make one of these but he beat me to it!! ^_^)
Because of their lack of survival skills, a vendor was created to replenish the population of Rhino Beetles. Just click and watch your new Rhino Beetle warp in! Extract the agent file into your "My Agents" directory. This has been updated yet again! He says this should be the last update. ^_~ This requires C3 to be installed on your computer just like my snail launcher.
This is a C3 and Ds agent!

Jessica's Agents
These were originally made by Jessica (of N.O.O.A. fame). I have simply updated them to work in DS. Have fun!
And no the flying cuttlefish are not included... mine were just happy that I had put so much food there... and jumped out.^_~