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This page has new flora and fauna for your world.

Halloween Tree
Drops foods, fruits, and seeds for your creatures to eat. This tree also has found a way to move around even though it has been potted.
There are a lot of quirky cookie recipes bound with this, try all sorts of combos with the droppings from this plant.
Part of our 2nd Halloween pack.

Hardman Pack Plants
Do you use the C3inDS Grendel Jungle and are tired of the hardman pack plants not injecting into it?
well this will inject them.
You must have the Hardman pack to use this. (C3inDS jungle requires C3)

Matu Cactus
Blistering sands and arid weather make deserts very unlikely to seem to harbour life, yet a multitude of plants and animals live there. Among them is a simple, yet very successful plant, the cactus. Storing water inside, it survives the hottest of weather unharmed.
Images by Bug

Tea Time Plants
These potted plants were created by the strange and slightly demented shee when she wanted to drink tea in her garden without Biff getting scalded scales. Full story in the read-me.
These work in C3 and DS.
Images by Bug

Inkras Butterflies
These happy little butterflies have found their way through a portal from Bug's world. Now they flutter about teasing the norns. You should have some plants installed for their caterpillars to eat. Like the Cheese Plant or any other plant you know of... (note the plants must be classified as plants not weeds... to find out go into help mode ~press F1~ and click on it... if it says plant then it's a plant)
Images by Trollop

Okiron Butterflies
A cute norn watches a butterfly of similar colors fly by... This butterfly is faster than the Inkras and is really hard to catch! Remember to have lots of plants around for these buggies! ^_^
Images by Trollop

Lensis Butterflies
Another breed of butterfly. This is pretty much like the Inkras and Okirons only a little slower and larger. Needs plants for the catapillars to grow into butterflies.
Images by Trollop

This odd plant was created one night in a fit of zaniness by the Strange and slightly demented Shee and her grendel helper Biff.
Sprites by Bug

The Dead Twins: Zombor
Corpse is a disease ridden creature while Zombor is clean from toxins. Both are in the Halloween pack and you get other agents too when you download it. Zombor should be safe (if scary) for your creatures.
Images by Trollop

Norn Nip
The plant from the cat pack.
The zip contains all the files for the cat pack. Keep which ones you want.

Extra Water Plants
This will place more water plants in the bodies of water around the C3 ship. Comes with the cos file and agent file.
This is for Creatures 3 and DS/C3 Docked worlds only.

The snail launcher
NOTE: This  requires Creatures 3 to work. This does work in DS too but you must have C3 installed. This dispenses snails. This was the first agent that tried to make... but wasn't the first completed... I love snails. <3

Rainbow Shrooms
Rainbow Shrooms are a new type of Mushroom for your world. They come with a handy Shroom Fountain to dispense them.

Bone Fish
These are some new fish that Yurtra asked me to make for his Grendel pack. Sprites taken from some unused ones in C3 and a modified spout.

Blue Quaker Parot
A bird StormyNight asked me to make... my frist critter. It's based very heavily off of the C3 Robin. Sprites by StormyNight.

Cheese Plant
A new plant for your world, this strange plant has cheese shaped fruit.
Sprites by Trollop