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Halloween Cookies
Sample of a few of the cookies you can get in the 2nd Halloween pack. Later I'll put up what the actual recipes are.
To install download the zip file and extract the image to your C3 or DS images folder and extract the catalogue file to your C3 or DS catalogue folder. Some of these recipes require some of my agents to be injected. I will be making more of these recipes. The next pack may have some that require C3 items... Of course all of these require that you have the TreeHugger Norn Pack which has the Quirky Cookie Machine in it.

TwilightCat's Quirky Cookie Recipes pack 1



Secondary Stimulus


Forum Skull Food Cookie

1 Forum Skull Food from my Forum Skull vendor

None Increases loneliness and decreases crowdedness

Forum Skull Toy Cookie

1 Forum Skull Toy from my Forum Skull vendor

Played with Toy Increases loneliness and decreases crowdedness

Flame Cookie

1 Lemon, 1 Bramboo berry, 1 Justanut

None Increases hotness a little

Muffin Cookie

1 Muffin from my Muffin Machine

Eaten Seed None

Candied Bug Cookie

1 Candied Bug from my Candied Bug vendor

Eaten Fruit Medicine one

Bug Ball Cookie

1 Bug Ball Bit from my EBB toy

Eaten Fruit


Pickle Cookie

1 Pickle from my Pickle Vendor Eaten Fruit None

Stellar Cookie

2 Quirky cookies and 1 Star seed None Raises Arousal Potential and Sex Drive, lowers Crowdedness

Tasty Seed Cookie

1 Tasty seed from Goober the Rat Eaten Seed Arnica

Espresso Bean Cookie

1 Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Eaten Seed Tiredness and Sleepiness

Icky Cookie

1 Quirky cookie and 1 Cack and 1 Detritus Thing (Cack and detritus Thing are both found in the Toxic Norn Pack) Eaten detritus Antigen 7, Glycotoxin, and Belladonna

Atomic Tea Cookie

1 Atomic Tea Cup from my Atomic Teapot Consumed alcohol Heavy Metals and Glycotoxin

Magma Cookie

1 Lemon and 2 Quirky cookies None Raises Hotness a lot