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This page has vendors of food, toy, and others.

Batty Koda
Batty vends fruit which will make your creatures say weird things when they eat it. Batty is from the movie Fern Gully.
Sprites by Bug
Pumpkin Jack
He laughs and vend yummy pumpkin pie slices. The pie tends to run when a creature is close to it... perhaps it doesn't want to be eaten. Download this and you also get the rest of the Halloween Pack.
Images by Trollop
Super Toaster
Vends Super Toast! Yeah! Toast! A yummy snack for your Creatures.
Images by Trollop
Canned Piranha Vendor
Images by Lukey, inspired by Mr.LittleGuy and GrendelGirl88. Now your creatures can eat canned piranha meat!
Bug's Picnic Basket
Bug (aka Trollop) eats a lot of different (and sometimes scary) things... now your creatures can eat them too! Oh you may not want to inject this in a world with toxic norns as some of the food has healing stuff in it.
Hakuna Matata
This log has lots of bugs in it. Named after the song from The Lion King.
The Forum Skull
was inspired by the general insanity that used to occur in the DS Forums. This will vend food and toys for your creatures to eat and play with... and for you to watch as they jump and fly around. Don't worry about these overpopulating your world as both the toys and food will kill themselves after a time.
Sprites by Trollop

Candied Bug Vendor
Version 2.5
If you have the first version installed you need to remove it and the sprite and catalogue files, otherwise you'll get an error. This will work with C3 and DS. It'll randomly vend three candied bugs (out of twelve) for your norns enjoyment. Now this is a "smart" vendor, if there are 12 candied bugs near it, it won't vend any more. ^_^
This was the first agent I ever completed.

Espresso Bean Cup
Here's a handy vendor that'll let you give your norns Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans! This is also a smart vendor.

It's the Splice-O-Matic! This version of it will vend EBBs for your creatures to play with. It's smart and will not vend if their are 6 EBBs around it.

Meat Vendor
With Sprites done by Trollop this thing looks great! It vends meat to you hungry little creatures. This is smart too and will not vend any more if 8 pieces of meat are near it.

Muffin Maker
A muffin machine! Muffins are tasty! Images by Trollop.

Pickle Vendor
Vends pickles! Pickles are fruit! and I don't care if that's true or not! :p Images by Trollop.

This is Goober, he's a nice rat with a lot of seeds. He is a smart vendor and if your creatures don't eat what he has given them he will give no more... until they eat some.

Shee Cracker Box
Shee crackers are a yummy treat for your creatures... they go well with tea too! ^_^

Fresh Fish Vendor
Yurtra asked me to code this for him. It is a smart fish vendor. Vends fresh fish for your creatures to eat. Idea by him. Images by Creatures Labs and compiled together by Yurtra.