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This page has food, fruit, and seeds that don't come with vendors.

Troll Operations Egg sets
I was bored the other day and so I started making some egg sprites. Bug also threw one in (the first one) that he made back when the dracs were new... we were thinking about having a stone like the banshees that put out drac eggs. There are three sets named TrollOp-eggs, TrollOp1-eggs, and TrollOp2-eggs. To use these either rename one of them eggs (and make a backup of the originals) or use Hausmouse's nifty egg cos file agent thingy. Be aware that you should only implement her cos files when there are no eggs in the world. I've had mine all disappear after installing it. To use hers you just have to put these in the images folder and add the file names to the catalogue that comes in her download.
All three sets are in the download. The picture shows what the eggs in each set look like.