Primrose's Wish

Author: SnowCalico

Date: April 29, 1998 - July 3, 1998

Summary: Primrose the norn wishes for an Albia with seasons and weather, but that's impossible- isn't it? Granting her wish might be more complicated than she expected.

Part 1

In Albia, it is constanlty Spring. There is never a single autumn leaf, colored in golden hues by mother nature. An icicle never drips in the morning sun, and the heat of summer never causes a norns nose to turn red. There are some rare COBs, to make false seasons, but these are but facsimiles of the real thing. The norns of Albia did'nt much care. After all, when there were good friends, delicious flowing honey, and fun toys, who needed seasons? Primrose needed seasons.

Primrose was a Purple Mountain Norn with a red tint. She was quiet, thoughtful, and always a joy to have around. She stayed with the group as they traveled around Albia, but usually sat down to admire the world, rather than chatter on with the rest. Its not that she did'nt enjoy Albian gossip, its just that one could only take so many talks on who was KISS-POPPING whom. She found observing much more fun. This is when she noticed something.

"I remember that book COB the hand brought me for Christmas" she said to her sister, Gypsy.

"Yeah, so?" Gypsy said, trying to line up an Albian Carrot Beetle for kick off.

"Well, it showed pictures of stuff, coming from the sky."

"You mean Cloud Butterfly Larvae?" Gypsy assumed bringing her foot back.

"No, this stuff water."

"Water? From the sky? You need to lay off the hootch Prim". Gyspy said, kicking the Carrot Beetle so hard it flew all the way to the lemon vines.

"I'm serious, and in one picture, leaves were all over the ground! They were'nt green either, they were red and orange and gold!" Primrose said with excitement in her voice.

"Primrose, grow up." laughed Gypsy, running to catch the Beetle for another kick.

"Uh...Hand" Primrose spoke to that odd hovering above her, he seemed pretty smart.

"Yes?" The Hand asked, with a voice that came from nowhere.

"I was wondering if leaves have ever been on the ground in Albia, and has rain ever fallen from the sky?" Primrose asked.

"No, but there are planets where such things occur. Why do you ask?"

"Can we have such things?"

"Dear little norn, why do you want seasons? Isn't life grand just sitting in the warmth of year-long Spring? Never getting the sniffles from rain, or tripping over piles of leaves?" The Hand inquired.

"I'd love to feel water pn my back, and jump in piles of leaves!" said Primrose, ever the optimist.

The Hand sighed "I'll think about it Prim, I'll think about it."

The Hand was puzzled, he did'nt want to upset little Primrose, but how to grant her wish?

To Be Continued....

Part 2

The Hand pondered over the dilemma of Primrose's wish. There was no way he could think of bringing natural seasons to Albia, but thats when an idea struck him..hadn't others found ways to build new Albias? The Hand decided to do some reasearch on the subject, and try his best. After all, Primrose was as deserving as any norn to have a wish granted. He was also tired of seeing Gypsy and the others put her down.

Primrose stayed away from the other norns more, she hated their taunts. Recently they'd made a song:

"One day 'lil Primrose was sitting in the patch
When a whiff of something did she catch
She looked above an saw to her surprise,
tons of dead fish, falling from the skies!

Primrose Primrose small and crazy
Shes quite spacey
She sees water from the sky
Crazy Primrose my oh my."

They still didn't believe that weather existed, and it hurt Primrose that not even her sister trusted her sanity. What made them think they were so smart? She knew that all of them, including she, only had 9 lobes, so she surely wasn't dumber then they were! If you tickled her, did she no laugh? If you slapped her, did she not scream "Ow"? She looked longingly at the blue sky, where was the hand when she needed it?

The hand was busy with an experiment, he was trying to make an Albia alteration never before attempted. He was very close to constructing his new Albia. Suddenly, he heard a CRASH! outside, and jumped from his computer to see a lightening storm had come! Before he could get to his computer to turn it off, a bolt turned out the power. Though it appeared as if the computer had been switched off, the lightening had effected the new a way soon to be discovered.

Part 3

Running. Light. Bright. Stars.Wind. Wind blowing all the stars. Stars. Bright. Falling.

Primrose awoke in a cold sweat, to find herself in the middle of the carrot garden. Eveything was fine, and she settled back into the cool grass. Picking up a carrot to help calm her nerves, she searched around for her Kenny doll. She saw him, with his saucer eyes peering from his parka, sitting on the teleporter. Holding it always made her feel secure, and it smelled like honey. She hugged it close, and made sure no one was looking before she gave it a kiss.


Primrose nearly leaped. She saw that the hand had crept up behind her. At first she was embarrased to be caught cuddiling her doll, but then she remembered how the hand had promised her weather.

"Oh! Hello" Primrose said, reaching up in the usual way norns greet the Hand.

"Good news Primrose." the Hand said with happiness in its voice. "I've created an Albia with weather, would you like to visit it?"

Primrose's eyes lit up, was the Hand kidding? It was to go there, or stay here where she was teased and taunted by her species. Perhaps, in this new Albia, the norns would all be weather experts, and they could discuss every snowflake that fell from the sky! Maybe there were special norns who predicted weather, or maybe somedays it would rain food COBs! She knew it all sounded silly, but she was excited, and I think all of us get a little silly then.

"Ok, now you're going to be froze for a second while I transport you there." The Hand said

Primrose nodded and the hand disappeared somewhere above her head. A second later she was in a cold, pitch black place and she couldn't move. There was a constant noise of buzzing and clicking. Looking around she saw other norns, frozen, as if in ice. Then, she saw one face that looked very familiar...could it be? YES! It was a friend she remembered from a very long time ago, it was Dolby! She and Dolby had been best friends when she was a baby, but then one day a horrible virus got out, and Dolby and his sister caught it. They both were removed, until the Hand would someday find a cure. Now here they were, waiting for that day. She suddenly was engulfed in bright light. Then she heard the familiar coos of norns. She looked up to see an elderly bananna norn.

"Well, whats your name?" It said kindly. "Mines Alfie"

"Primrose, good to meet you."

Alfie helped her up and pointed to an equally old bananna norn female next to him. "This is my wife, Acacia. Enough of introductions, I'm sure you're hungry."

Surpisingly enough, Primrose found she was starving, and gladly ate the chicken soup theys served. Afterwards, she looked up at the sky, and she was disappointed. It was the same old endless blue sky she knew from back home. Not a rain cloud to be seen.

"Um, have you ever had rain?" Primrose asked.

The two norns looked at one another in fright.

"Oh don't mention that!" cried Acacia "We've lost every baby we've had to that cursed stuff, my poor little angels."

"You see darlin, thats why we're all alone, all of our babies were too weak to survive. And any norns that the hand tried to hatch as comapnians were killed off by the time they were adolescents!" Alfie explained.

"But, rain isn't supposed to kill...and how come you survived?" Primrose questioned.

"Well, when we first were hatched, the rain was fine, the worst it did was make you shiver, but one day there was a horrible crash, and then, it gave you a horrible virus, and we only survive because we are old enough to pull through. I still can't believe that he sent you here, you'll die the first storm!"


Stay tuned for part four!

Part 4

Primrose shivered at that thought. Why had the hand brought her to this cursed place? Didn't the hand know how DANGEROUS it was here? Her pitiful blue eyes stared up at the sky, and awaited the impending death. Meanwhile, Alfie and Acacia tried their best to make her feel at home.

"How about a good 'ol fashion ball game?" asked Alfie, coming down the lift with the toy ball in his hands.

"Oh! Or a spin of the top?" Acacia added,as the whirling device danced at her feet.

"You both are being very kind, but I really need a different toy right now. You see, when I was a hatchling, my parents gave to me a Kenny doll."

"A KENNY doll?" asked Acacia and Alfie confused.

"Yes, hes a short fellow covered completely in orange felt, with only his eyes peeking out of an opening in the top". explained Primrose "Anyway, when they gave it to me, it was the last time I ever saw them. Its always made me feel secure."

Alfie and Acacia nodded, and felt very sad for Primrose. They looked at one another for a minute, and Alfie said "Primrose?"

Primrose replied solemly "Yes?"

"We don't have a Kenny doll, but we have a teddy bear that belonged to one of our dead children. We'd be honored if you'd have it."

Alfie walked slowly over to Primrose's side, and handed her a tattered teddy bear, and a tear came from Prim's eye. She hugged it close to her heart, where it hurt most.

"Oh thank you, thank you so much." Primrose cried.


Picking up the sunshine gold lemon, Primrose crunched into it, and flinched for a minute as its sourness made her lips pucker. She shook it off and continued picking various plants and herbs. Alfie and Acacia had said, it might be possible to survive the storm if she kept inside the hatchery. All she needed to do was gather nessecities. She wondered where the Hand was, wasn't he even going to come see how she was doing?

The teddy bear that had been given to her sat atop the pile of carrots, lemons and herbs she carried. With a proud smile on her face, Primrose took this to Alfie and Acacia.

"Primrose" asked Acacia. "Did you notice that black thing in the sky?"

To be continued....

Part 5

Primrose turned around, sure enough, some object, like a black box, was floating in the sky. It was so far up, it would be impossible to reach. She sat there, staring at it.

"I'll be right back" she said, squinting.

"WAIT! You don't have much longer until it rains! You'll be killed out there!" Alfie yelled.

"I won't be long, I've got a hunch about that box." Primrose said, running to the temple.


Quickly making her way through the cellars, Primrose wondered why she wouldn't be safe in there. Then the answer was made obvious, the well would allow water to flow down into the cellars, and most likely flood. She made her way to the telescope, as the rumble of thunder sounded. With a slight shiver of fear, she looked through the eye piece.

"Oh my hand" she stuttered "Its a bug"


"A bug...but I don't understand" Acacia said "No Carrot Beetle could fly up there!"

"Its not that kind of bug" explained Primrose out of breath "One time, it was REAL weird, the hand was exporting all the norns in the world, and he said it was because a bug was going to cause Albia to 'crash' "

"Crash?" asked Alfie and Acacia confused.

"Yes, so that all the norns would parish. The Hand got us out, and apparently had to cleanse Albia or something, because when we got back, a lot of toys and food had changed position. I don't know HOW I know what a bug looks like, but I think thats whats causing the deadly rain."

"We need the Hand then, to cleanse Albia?" Acacia guessed.

"For some reason the bug is keeping the Hand from coming. The only way to get the to go up there myself"

Part 6

Just as Primrose was about to set off to find a way to reach the bug, rain began to fall, she stayed inside the hatchery, breathing small gasping breaths, amazingly, she managed to fall asleep next to the incubator.

"Wake up dear, you've survived." Acacia's soft old voice came.

Primrose lifted her head, and her eyes fluttered with the light that reached her eyes.

"I've survived." Primrose said in an estatic tone. "Now, I MUST go find a way to reach that bug."

"But, how in the world will you? Theres no way in Albia....except.." Alfie stopped, turning his head to face the round yellow patchwork object in the garden "The Balloon COB!"

"Of course!" grinned Primrose "How dumb was I not to realise that! I'm going to go up there right away, and find a way to deactivate that bug."

"Dear, don't go now. You haven't eaten in ages" Acacia said "Besides, you might get caught in another rain storm!"

Primrose looked upon the graying Acacia and Alfie. How kind they had been to her in this short time she'd gotten to know them. So this is what it was like to have parents. She also thought of Gypsy, her sister. Even though Gypsy had been horrible to her before she'd gone, she still missed her. Her only blood relative to speak of. The two of them had been the only Purple Mountain norns in that Albia. Yes, she even missed her. She had to do this. If she did, perhaps Alfie and Acacia would still be able to have at least one child, and maybe Gypsy and the other norns would realise that Primrose wasn't crazy. There was no doubt in her mind about the importance of this mission. She walked up to Alfie and Acacia, hugged them both and spoke softly.

"I have to do it, for the good of everyone. I'll never forget you two. Besides, I've always wondered what happens after death."

She walked away from them, and climbed in the balloon COB. She waved goodbye and sailed up past everything. Past the birds that fly, past the cable car and twisted branches of the grendel tree, just in time to hear a thunder clap, and see the clouds grow heavy and black with rain.

Part 7

Primrose sighed and shivered a moment, as the bug became more and more visible. She drew courage and took a deep breath. She had to be the heroine. Then, the thunder clapped again, and she saw lightning darting some distance away. Only a matter of seconds until the rain would fall. She saw that the bug was attached to the skyline. She gave one final gulp, and reached out to the bug.

She pulled with all her might. Norns aren't very strong, but fear can enhance ones senses. She pulled, and the bug came halfway off. One more strong tug would probably detach it completely. She tugged, and at that same seconf, she felt a raindrop touch her nose. There was a crackle, and an explosion, and Primrose plummeted to the ground, clutching the bug in her aching hands.

Falling. Dark. Wind. Cold. Light.

"Awake young one." came a soft ghostly voice.

Primrose opened her eyes. There was a creature, that was unlike one she'd ever seen. Its eyes were small and black, it had ears like a bananna norn, only they were white. Its face was hard to describe. Kind of like the teddy bear Acacia and Alfie had given her, only more lifelike.

"What happened?" asked Primrose in a daze.

"You died" the creature said "You are now in limbo. I'm RB."

"RB?" asked Primrose

"Recycle Bin" the creature said "I keep things that no longer belong in the real world. You will stay here for the time this computer exists."

"Computer? I'm inside the word teacher?"

"No ." laughed RB "Its very hard to explain. Just know that you are living inside a small univerese."

"But, I can't be dead!" Primrose cried "I have so much in life yet to accomplish. Can't you help me?"

"Maybe there is, come with me." RB said.

Part 8

RB led Primrose down the halls of this place. Its walls were made of a funny green substance, with little silver tracks on it. She heard the same buzzing sound she heard while being imported into Acacia and Alfie's world. She was a bit scared, but RB seemed like a nice enough creature, and she trusted her.

Every now and again, there would be a doorless room in this hall, it would either be empty, or contain some creature that Primrose had never seen before. Fianally, RB stopped at one of these rooms.

"Its been ages since we've had a norn here." RB said "In fact, this small fellow here is the only other norn."

"I thought you said things are here as long as the computer exists." Primrose said confused.

"Well, every now and again, we have a system crash. We lose some things for good, we lost most of our norns in a system crash. This Bananna norn is the only survivor, he lost some brothers and sisters."

Primrose stepped into the room, and saw a forlorn looking Bananna norn child sitting on a bed made of the same green substance as the walls.

"Hello." she spoke softly "My name is Primrose, may I ask what yours is?"

"Bram" said the little norn sadly

"Bram, how did you die?" asked Primrose

"Rain" shuddered Bram

Primrose's heart skipped a beat, this norn was the son of Acacia and Alfie! One of the children they had lost! Now maybe she could bring him back with her, so that Alfie and Acacia could have the family they always wanted! She was sure that the rain was harmless now that the bug had been removed.

"I know your parents, how would you like to come with me to see them?" Primrose beamed.

"Isn't it dangerous with the rain?" Bram shivered.

"No, the rain is safe now. I'm sure they'll be glad to see you!"

"OK!" grinned little Bram from ear to ear.

"I'm afraid there might be a problem with that" RB sighed.

Part 9

"What do you mean?" Primrose asked, startled by RB's words.

"We've never succsessfully SENT a norn back. Theres a great risk you may never return." RB replied, its voice solemn

" I've faced death before." Primrose stated "I won't let it scare me off now. Would you be willing to risk it Bram?"

Little Bram, his baby blue eyes firery with excitement, nodded. He would do anything to see his parents again. Besides, it had been a long time since he'd experienced a real thrill.

RB paused and sighed. RB motioned for Primrose and Bram to follow her, as she continued to walk down the corridors off the odd place. They got to what looked a lot like a lift, and followed RB into it. After pushing a button, the "lift" moved downward, and eventually stopped. When the group got out of it, they were in a room with the same odd green walls, except there were holes in these walls. No light shone from these holes, only odd sucking sounds could be heard.

"This" RB explained "Is where we recieve all our guests. If you have enough strength, it may be possible to use them the other way around. You'll see signs above each, I believe the pipe from Albia is....ah yes over there."

RB pointed to a hole on the wall to the right of them. Sure enough, a sign above it said "Creatures". Primrose could've sworn she smelled carrots.

"I can't help you any further." RB said "I wish you the best of luck!"

Primrose nodded, and grabbed Bram's hand. She took a deep breath, and leaped into the hole. At first, there was great pressure pushing her outward, but then, she felt her and Bram being pulled into this abyss. She closed her eyes tightly as she felt like she was rushing at 200 mph.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

"Ooofff!" came an unfamiliar norns voice. Primrose realised she had landed on something. It was a norn, a rather IRRATATED norn.

"Yo! Get offa me!" the norn said, she could tell this norn had an attitude.

She got up, and saw she'd landed on a Fox Norn male. He had an odd blue tint to him, and a New York accent (Ok, so SHE didn't know that, I'm just giving you a picture). He looked up at her, and got up.

"YOU CLUMSY BROAD!" he growled "You nearly crushed me!"

Primrose did what her instincts told her to do, she slapped the jerk right across the face.

"OW!" the norn yipped, holding his nose.

"Sorry, but you deserved it." Primrose apologized "Wait a sec...wheres Bram?"

"Over here!" came Bram's tiny voice.

Primrose examined her surroundings, they appeared to be in some type of..well...extension of the place they were before. She saw the pipe they came from behind her (thats why she ASSUMED they'd come from ther) and one in front of them. It was like a stop between Albia and RB's place.

"Where in Albia are we?" asked Bram scared.

"You, are in my kingdom." the blue Fox Norn said proudly "I am Gismo, and these are...the sewers!."

"Liar." Primrose said "This is OBVIOUSLY a stop on the way to Albia."

"Listen babe, I live here, I can call it the sewers if I like....whats a chick like you doing in a place like this?" Gismo said, his voice growing soft.

"Get a life you pervert, tell us how to get out." Primrose growled "Its IMPORTANT."

Gismo pointed to the other hole

"I wouldn't go alone, hon...I mean, you might need a male norn to help you out."

"I'm a male!" grinned Bram

"Thats right, lets go Bram." Primrose said hurridly.

Gismo stopped her and said "I'm coming any way, to protect you."

Primrose rolled her eyes, but didn't stop Gismo. Maybe having another norn along would be a good thing....

Part 10

When last we left our norn heroine, she was trying to make her way back to Acacia and Alfie's Albia, with their long lost son Bram, through the "sewers" of the Recycle Bin. She met a cocky, NY accented blue norn named Gismo, who offered Primrose guidance. Though he PROBABLY just wants a kiss-pop...


Primrose jumped into the pipe, holding Bram's hand. She heard Gismo follow too, and again she was sucked down this hole. The wind kept her eyes shut, but she still felt Bram's small hand inside her own. The smell of carrots grew stronger and stronger....

"Maribelle push norn!" came a tiny voice

"OW!" growled Primrose feeling a furry hand slap her nose.

She immediatley got up and slapped the baby norn standing in front of her. The baby norn's face bunched up, and it ran off ready to cry. Primrose looked around, it WAS Albia! It was a question of WHICH Albia though. She looked around, and saw no sight of Gypsy or any of the other norns from her birthplace, she also didn't see Acacia or Alfie. An adult Bananna norn approached her, he had a bright red tint to him.

"I'm sorry about my daughter slapping you, my names Logan..can I assist you in any way?" he said

"Do an Acacia and Alfie live here?" asked Primrose, seeing that Gismo and Bram had landed behind her, and were still unconcious.

" Well they USED TO." laughed Logan "They were my great-great-great-great-great-great-great.."

"I get the idea." Primrose said "They've been dead a long time haven't they?"

"Ages. They died out by 5th generation"

Primrose's heart sank, if so much time had passed in THIS was qustionable how much time had passed in HER Albia. Would her sister Gypsy still be alive? There was a better question...would she ever be able to RETURN to her Albia?

"I'll tend to your friends, help yourself to some carrots." Logan said, as other norns gathered around Gismo and Bram

"The baby Bananna Norn is the son of Acacia and Alfie" Primrose explained

"Really? WOW! My great-great-great-great.."

Primrose left before he could finish.


All was quiet in the carrot garden, all the norns had run off to help Bram and Gismo. Primrose wasn't very hungry, but she ate a carrot anyway. She thought "All this because I wanted weather..."

Part 11

Recap of part 10:

Primrose and Bram , now joined by a blue fox norn named Gismo, plummeted into Acacia and Alfie's Albia. They do this, only to discover that time has passed, and that all has gone very smoothly there. Will Primrose be able to return home? What is the purpose of that cocky norn Gismo? Are eggs incredible and edible? Two out of those three questions will be answered in part 11 of Primrose's Wish....


As Primrose glared sadly at the blue sky, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Gismo, looking quite solemn.

"You alright babe?" he asked, in his NY accent.

"Why would YOU care?" replied Primrose harshly

"I do." Gismo said, sitting down next to her. "You see, I'm lost as well. I have been ever since one faithful day as a baby, I crawled into the Soap Bubble COB. As I flew happily over Albia, it began to land. It landed in the water in front of the Desert Island. Lucky for me, I didn't get stuck in another dimension as most norns do. Somehow, I ended up in the Recycle Bin, and I grew up searching in the sewers for my Albia, which I never found. It could be destroyed, or all my family and friends could be gone, but I'll never give up hope."

Primrose turned and saw a tear running down Gismo's cheek. Behind that arrogant phisod, there was a lost baby norn whos soul was sad. She felt very sorry for Gismo, and put her arm around his shoulder. He cried onto her shoulder hot painful tears.

"I'm so sorry Gismo, I never knew, we'll find your Albia. If we don't, I'm sure my Albia would be glad to have you." she comforted

"Really?" said Gismo through sniffs

They both simply stared into one anothers eyes, then suddenly...



Bram looked into the telescope, he was sure there had to be an explanation why the Hand couldn't come. Sure enough, there was a black object in the sky. However, it appeared broken, as if it had once been larger....he HAD to inform Primrose.


Primrose awoke sleepily, she felt something warm beside her. There she saw Gismo, fast asleep. Oddly enough, she felt safe and secure, so she put her arm around Gismo and slowly started to fall back asleep....

"PRIMROOOOSSSSEEEE!!!" came the frightened voice of Bram.

"YAAA!!" yelled Gismo, leaping to his feet "GRENDEL! RUN!"

"Its just Bram." she reassured Gismo, then turning to Bram "Whats wrong?"

"In the sky, I...I saw something. It was black and it looked like it had been ripped in half!" Bram said through short breaths

"The bug, some of its still there." Primrose concluded, she then collapsed all of a sudden.

"Hey! Babe! Whats a matta?" asked Gismo

"Primrose are you alright?!" exclaimed Bram

"I'm fine, I just feel a little queasy all of a sudden." Primrose said

"You don't think you could be.." Gismo suggested

"No, I'm not even an adult yet! Nevermind that, I HAVE to destroy that bug!"

Part 12

Primrose did feel quite queasy, but she really wanted to get home. Plus, she didn't want to let Gismo down, now that she knew he had a sensitive side. She stared at him, you could hardly tell by his harsh accent and ungentlemanly ways, but inside was an admirable norn. Primrose realised she'd been gaping at him too long, and shook her head. She turned to one of the native norns.

"Wheres the Balloon COB?" Primrose asked

"Balloon COB? We had one, but it was destroyed ages ago, the closest thing we have is the Soap Bubble..." the native explained

"NO!" yelled Gismo "There is no way you're using that boopin' thing babe, its too dangerous."

Primrose was surprised by Gismo's concern "Gismo, what happened to you was rare, and I know what I'm doing..oohhh..."

Primrose collapsed again, she did not feel well at all. Gismo picked her up and said with fear in his eyes "Baby, you are in NO condition to fly in the Soap Bubble COB, I've got a hunch, we have GOT to get you to a norn doctor."

"Norn Doctor?" the native norn said "No such thing, but there is a norn that lives on the Desert Island whos pretty wise in the area of norn health, you could take the little lady there."

Gismo nodded and helped Primrose up. He looked very worried and helped her walk torwards the submarine bay...


Bram meanwhile looked boldly up at that bug. If Primrose was too sick to make the trip, then HE'D have to. He may only be a child norn, but he could still be brave. He found the Soap Bubble COB, took a deep breath, and climbed in. It floated up above everything, Bram could see all of Albia. He looked above himself and saw the bug....within a few minutes he'd be able to grab it....


The doctor that the native norn spoke of was an old yellow Purple Mountain norn. He looked Primrose over, used a thermometer COB and then nodded.

"Yes, I thought so." he said

"Whats wrong? Is it a virus?" asked Primrose

"Not at all dear, you're just pregnant thats all."

"What? But theres no way thats possible! I'm not old enough to be fertile!" Primrose argued

"Early pregnancies occur in norns , happens often enough. My daughter laid her first egg at 1:00 old, thats about your age. Have you any idea of the father?"

"It must be Gismo, hes the only norn I ever Kiss-popped." Primrose said, turning to Gismo, who looked a bit flustered.

"Er...uh...heh mean she really is pregnant?" Gismo said

"Yes, quite. " said the norn doctor

Gismo fainted.

"Ditto" said Primrose

Part 13

Primrose was still in shock after finding out she was pregnant. Of course, Gismo had gotten over being shocked, and no surprise turned to bragging.

"Just what I need, a son to carry on my wonderful lineage!" Gismo grinned

"What if its a female?" asked Primrose with slight disgust

"Then we'll name it Gismoa, either way, its a Gismo." he said with a radiant smile on his face

"Oh brother." growled Primrose smacking her forhead.

So much for Gismo's sensitive side. She realised that she had no idea where Bram was, thats when she saw the soap bubble COB. Bram had gone to destroy the bug! She suddenly felt very worried and became frantic.

"GISMO!!! Bram...hes in that Soap Bubble COB! We've got to save him! He could get killed!" Primrose yelled

Gismo's eyes were elsewhere...memories of what had happened to him:

"You be careful Gismo hon..."

"Mom, don't worry about me!"

"Ok love, come back in time for lunch..."



"Mom! Help Me!!!"

"Save him, someone, anyone! What do you mean you can't do anything?"

"Mom! I'm scared!"


Suddenly Gismo felt a hand on his shoulder, and was brought back to the present.

"Gis, you alright?" Primrose asked

"Yeah, I'm fine. Listen Prim, I'm sorry if I'm egotistical sometimes, it comes from insecurities, it really does."

"Thats alright Gismo, I know how guy norns are." she said with a shy smile

"Right, lets go see if we can help Bram." Gismo grinned


Bram's hand reached out to grab the bug. He tugged at it, and amazingly, it came off with little effort. At that second, a Hand appeared, just like the one Primrose had told him about!

"Hey there little guy, need some help?" the voice came

"Yes, but Primrose and Gismo need your help too!" Bram exclaimed

"Gismo? Hes still alive? Oh well, I'll make sure you land safetly in the carrot patch." the Hand assured Bram.


Primrose looked at the sky stressfully, where was Bram? She saw that the bug was gone... but Bram had disappeared.

"THERE HE IS!!" yelled Gismo excitedly as Bram in the Soap Bubble COB (followed by the Hand.

"Oh Hand!" Primrose said as she reached up to greet the Hand "Its so good to see you! It seems like its been forever! I want to go back home! IS Gypsy still alive?"

"Yes dear, they won't even have noticed you were gone...have you gained some weight?" The Hand asked

"Actually, uh, Mr. Hand sir, shes me." Gismo said stepping forward

"Well, maybe they will notice you were gone. Gismo, I do believe I remember you. You tell me you've been in this Albia all along?" The Hand wondered

"Its a long story" Gismo said "This isn't where I've been, I just got here. Is my family still alive?"

"I'm afraid not Gismo, in fact, you grew up in what is now Primrose's Albia. Your family has been gone for many generations. However, your family's descendants still live there. I'm sorry." The Hand sighed

"Then thers only one thing to do. I'm going back with Primrose." Gismo said

"We'll be glad to have you Gismo." Primrose smiled and gave him a hug.



"Vanessa! Come back here!" yelled Primrose, clutching a carrot in one hand and running after her crawling daughter "You haven't had supper yet!"

Vanessa crawled around the grendel tree, and saw something in a bush. She pulled out a very odd looking doll. He was completley orange and brown, save for an opening at the top with two saucer shaped eyes peering out. Vanessa cuddled the doll close as her mother, nearly out of breath, came up behind her.

"You're in a lot of tr...what is that you have?" Primrose said looking at Vanessa's discovery. "Its my Kenny doll! I can't believe you found it!"

"What'd she find?" asked Gismo, coming up from behind chewing on a lemon.

"A doll I used to have, it was a present from my parents." Primrose said in awe.

She held the doll close to her still smelled like honey! All her memories came floating back, and she lovingly handed the doll back to Vanessa and kissed Gismo's nose.

"You know, I never was able to prove that weather existed." laughed Primrose "After all this, I have no evidence. I don't really care anymore, this experience has done me good. At least Gypsy and the others stopped teasing me."

"Yeah and you got the honor of having my kid." said Gismo in his usual egotistical tone.

Primrose simply sighed and rolled her eyes as she felt a rain drop one her nose....

The End....or is it? ;)