Norn Fables: Mi, Me and Mo

Author: SnowCalico

Date: April 14, 1998

Summary: An Albian fable where three Norn brothers try to prove their worthiness to mate.

There was once an Albia where there lived three brother norns. One was named Mi, one was named Me and the third was named Mo. The three brothers were of mating age, and each asked the hand for a girl norn. The Hand loved all three of the norns dearly, but he was a jerk and a lover of fairytales, so he said: "The one of you that proves the most worthy to carry on your lineage will be brought a lovely female."

The three brother norns nodded and each set off to their favorite thinking spot to decide how to prove his worthfulness.

Mi went to the treetops, and thought for the longest time. Then he realized how lovely his auburn fur was "Of cousre! My pigmantation is wonderful! Thats why I deserve to breed!"

Me's thinking spot was on the desert island, where he could listen to the radio to soothe him. As he sat there, he thought up wonderful poems and studied how fish swam. "Thats it!" he grinned "I'm smart! What a great breeder I'll make!"

Mo preferred the dark and dank of the cellars, with a relaxing shower he could easily figure out what he possesed. He looked at his muscular arms and remembered the time he'd deafeated the grendel as a child. "One needs a strong norn, so he can live through the toughest diseases and grendel attacks!" he told himself, and ran to the garden.

The three brothers each told the hand why they were the best breeder, but still he could'nt decide. Being the story buff he was, he decided to let the female chose her mate. He exported a rather lovely white haired norn with a deer tail and soft brown eyes.

As the three brothers rallied for her attention, the female norn passed the yappy three and approached thr grendel, who was observing all this from the lemon vines, clutching a hnoey jar in his claws.

"Norn push grendel" she grinned.

This grendel was a shy one, and ran from the female. She simply smiled and ran after him.

The three brothers simply sat there, as the two disappeared into the jungle.

Moral of The Story: Norns are too stupid to care about good breeding. If you want to attract a she-norn, hold a pot of honey. :)